What is KOMYOON?

KOMYOON is a service designed to help decision makers connect with commerical artists around the world.

Does KOMYOON have a desktop version of the app?

Yes, KOMYOON now has a desktop version of the app.

What kinds of agencies and brands make up the Kurators?

Kurators represent a range of top-tier agencies and brands across a variety of industries.

Who is a Kreator?

Kreators are commerical artists including photographers, directors, illustrators, animators and cgi specialists.

Who is a Kurator?

Kurators are the decision makers including producers, creatives and brands.

What is KO-OP?

KO-OP is the love child of KOMYOON. We are a channel designed to both inform and inspire art & commerce professionals through interviews, visuals, newsworthy topics and links to helpful resources.


KOMYOON was founded by Jigisha Bouveret and Kristine Wilson. With over 20 + years experience as art producers and an agent who are utlizing their extensive experience working at big agencies and brands to better serve the needs of the art & commerce industry.

Does KOMYOON have an iPad version of the app?

Not yet, but its coming soon!

Is there an Android version of the app?

We are hoping to release the Android version of the app by the end of July 2019. If you are an Android user and would like us to let you know when it is ready, please let email us at admin@komyoon.com.


How do I register for the APP?

Approved Kreators and Kurators can download the KOMYOON app from the Apple Store or Google Play.

What is difference between a FREE Listing versus Membership?

All approved Kreators have the option to create a FREE directory listing of up to 12 images. Membership has additional benefits and services including more images that allow more opportunities to be found, special events, curation support, portfolio reviews, spotlights and referral priority for potential project requests.

What does curated mean?

In an effort to ensure our Kurators see our Kreators best work, we help our members curate their feed optimizing results for both the Kruators and Kreators.

What is a spotlight?

Each member is featured and tagged on Instagram, Facebook and our website with a video of their KOMYOON app profile page.

What does a portfolio review entail?

One of our KOMYOON Ambassadors will personally review and provide feedback for your portfolio or website.

What is the KOMYOON SeeSaw event?

SeeSaw is an industry event we held in March 2020, designed to give Kreators a whole new way to showcase their work to and personally connect with Kurators in a meaningful way.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

We hope you don't! But yes, you can cancel at any time.

What if I want to upgrade my membership?

No problem! Just reach out to us admin@komyoon.com and we will be happy to help you.

User Guide

What is the New Work Feed?

The New Work Feed is featured on left tab of the landing page. The vertical view includes all the Kreators in the ecosystem. The horizontal view features a Kreator's 12 latest images ending with an option to view their full profile.

What is the Genres Feed?

The Genres Feed is featured as the second tab on the landing page and represents categories or specialties of work from our subscription members. Galleries automaticaly update each time a new work is uploaded with the same tag. Kurators find these categories particularly helpful when searching for a specific type of image.

What is the Favorites Feed?

The Favorites Feed is featured as the third tab on the landing page and includes the Kreators who you follow. To create a Favorites Feed, tap the star anywhere in the app to add an artist to this private curated view.

What are Galleries?

Galleries can either be collections of individual works or an artist list. All users can create Galleries. You can invite contributors to collaborate and add content for projects.

How do you make a Gallery?

Click on the 3 dots that form at triangle at the botton of the screen to begin adding images to your Gallery. Then, click the +Create button to create a new gallery. Click on the new gallery and then press the 3 dots to edit, add or delete content to your Gallery.

What are Contributors in a Gallery?

Contributors are users who are invited to collaborate and add content to your Gallery.

How do I see more details about the images in the feed?

Tap on the work to see more details and information related to the Kreator's image. One tap will also let you pinch and enlarge the image for even greater detail. Double tap to show them love.

How does messaging work?

Messaging allows Kurators to reach out to Kreators to begin a conversation. We encourage our Kreators to not message Kurators unless messaged by them first.

How does Universal Search work?

This tool searches through all the descriptions, names, clients and locations listed by Kreators.

How does the Filtered Search work? Best Practice.

This tool allows the user to search by tags such as artist type, artist name, and/or mutlple tags. This is a powerful tool because it is matched to how a Work is tagged by the Kreator.

How do I edit my profile page?

To edit your profile page, go to the Info tab on your page and press the Edit Profile button. From there you can edit the text information in the boxes. You can also edit your profile and background photos by clicking on the camera icon buttons.

Can I add a hotlink to my website?

You can add your website to your profile page but we do not include hotlinks as we want to encourage users to enjoy your feed as long as possible.

Why am I unable to add my agent in the Representation field?

If your agent is not a registered user you will need to include your agent in the profile description.

How do I upload?

There are a few ways to upload. To upload to library via the upload arrow at the bottom of the home screen:

  • tap the upload arrow
  • select where you'd like to upload from:
    • camera roll (photos)
    • a different application like Dropbox (apple files)
  • follow the prompts through tagging and captioning
  • save
  • the new image will appear in your library
To upload to library via your profile:
  • Select the library tab
  • Select the upload button
  • select where you'd like to upload from:
    • camera roll (photos)
    • a different application like Dropbox (apple files)
  • follow the prompts through tagging and captioning
  • save
  • the new image will appear in your library
To upload directly to your overview:
  • go to your profile
  • select overview tab
  • select edit button
  • tap a plus icon you'd like to place your image
  • Select where you'd like to upload from
    • camera roll (photos)
    • a different application like Dropbox (apple files)
  • follow the prompts through tagging and captioning
  • save
  • expand the corners of the image to your desired size
  • drag image to desired location
  • save

How does tagging work?

Each work is tagged individually once uploaded by the Kreator based on the provided idustry-specific terms. This helps our Kurators find you and your specific work. Users must select tags from the first two tiers on the app and then selects additional tags related to your work. Please tag wisely and deliberately. Kurators love appropriate search results so tag for what the work visually represents and not the project.

How are the uploaded tags different from tags I add in the descripton?

The tags available in the uploader are specific category-based terms. Kreators can use the description to add more details specific to that image which Kurators may find interesting and helpful.

Can I edit tags?

How do I delete or edit the description for an image?

Go to your profile works page. Find and long tap the image you would like to delete or edit. A screen appears giving you the option to delete, edit or cancel.

How do I get rid of blank spaces on my profile?

If you delete an image in your feed, it will leave a blank white space. You will need to fiill the space with another image or images in order to get rid of it.

Why isn't anyone following me?

Kurators are looking for a quiet space to find artists and do their work. It is not a popularity contest. It is more important to tag your work appropriately and be found than be folllowed. As KOMYOON continues to grow, we expect more Kurators will curate their favorites feed in order keep a closer eye on the artists whose works fit their client base.

Why can't I post tear sheets?

Kurators want to see your beautiful images and most agree that tearsheets actually distract from your feed. If you want them you know who you worked for, just be sure to tag your client when uploading work.

Can I upload videos or gifs?

We are working on this! We will let you know as soon as these options are available.

Can I re-arrange images in my profile after they are uploaded?

Yes, users can now re-arrange images easily on the app. Need to add more details once I see how it works.

What kind of layout should I use?

We encourage you to experiment with the app and build a custom layout that reflects your style of work and personality.

What is the opitmal size for image uploads?

This is our algorithm for images uploading to the server: minimum input image dimensions are 400x by either side, max - 10 000x. If an input image is bigger then 3500x it is resized to 3500x, then it is converted to jpeg with 80% quality. If an image is not in RGB, it gets converted to RGB color model. The obtained image is used for fullscreen view. The server also creates thumbnails for Profile, Pop-up, New Work feed by resizing the obtained image further and compressing it with 80% quality.

We recommend uploading an image up to 3500x dimensions, jpeg, sRGB profile.

How often should I update my feed?

We recommend taking your time with uploading images and creating a layout that best suits your style and personality. No need to rush but we recommend 1x week at most.

How do I update my overview?

How do I add photos to my overview from library?

How do I adjust the size of an image in overview?

What do the icons mean?

What's New

What's included in the latest update?

A TON! blah blah blah

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